Jewel Jet Steam Cleaner: Make Your Metal Shine

The Jewel Jet Steam Cleaner is not something I would usually write about, but when I began thinking about repurposing this machine, I found it could be enormously handy for a number of applications aside from cleaning jewelry.

The Jewel Jet is a high-pressure steam cleaner that runs on just 8oz of tap water, which is rapidly heated and ready to use in just 3 minutes. The machine is supposedly used by professional jewelers, so it must do a decent job on metals…you with me? Get rid of the basket, trade the tweezers for a pair of pliers and blast your way to shiny wrenches, screwdrivers and just about anything metallic.

The machine itself is hideous and at the very least needs repainting, but the $99 price tag is very tempting. Industrial steam cleaners for the workshop are usually 1000’s of dollars, so it’s well worth overlooking the appearance and/or modding it.

If you’re interested in trying one out, you can pick them up either direct from Jewel Jet or from who have a number of very positive reviews for the product.

Jewel Jet and
Via: GadgetGrid


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