Thanko CoolPad: Keeps Netbooks Cool, Adds Connectivity.

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Thanko Japan have just released a new multifunction cooling pad for netbook users called the CoolPad, that cleverly incorporates a 2.5-inch SATA HDD slot and a 3-port USB hub. The pad, which is really more like a dock or a “mini-notebook PC station”, gives you a bit more flexibility when working with a pared-down netbook and keeps things cool when you’re over-working the CPU.

The built-in SATA HDD slot enables you to easily hook up another hard drive for extra storage space and the additional three USB ports will help accommodate all your iGadgets, cameras or pocket HD camcorders all demanding connectivity.

The CoolPad looks as though it will not be a Japan-only release, as it will apparently be offered through from December 24th. Thanko has it listed at a bargain price of just ¥2,480 ($27.50), so we can probably expect something around that…plus exorbitant delivery for 225g direct from Japan.

Thanko Japan (Translated) via Akihabara


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