Flexible Magnetic Flashlight Holder Shines In Dark Places

Anyone who has ever made repairs or adjustments in the dark, or even just in small dark places like fuse boxes, will know how difficult it can be to illuminate your work area when you have no free hands. Like the LED Screwdriver Light we’ve seen previously, this Flexible Magnetic Flashlight Holder will focus a beam of light directly where you need it, without you having to awkwardly grip the end of a torch between your teeth.

Equipped with flexible 6-inch long legs, this gadget will attach to any metal surface thanks to its powerful magnetic feet. The legs can be contorted into just about any position to focus your flashlight wherever you need it.

The saddle will accept any flashlight head that is 1-inch (25.4mm) to 1 3/8-inch (35mm) in diameter, but I would imagine smaller, lightweight torches would work best as the saddle only grips the head, not the heavy battery compartment.

Priced at only $10 from Griot’s Garage, the Flexible Magnetic Flashlight Holder is a steal. If nothing else, you could attach one to the fridge to keep that elusive flashlight handy.

Griot’s Garage via Bookofjoe

Comments (2 Responses):

been trying to find this flashlight holder. can’t find it anywhere, could u direct me to a website or catalog where i can purchase one.

Tracy, the Flexible Magnetic Flashlight Holder doesn’t seem to be available any longer. But for something similar, you could check out the Joby Gorillatorch. Hope this helps.

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