Floating Photo Frame: Makes Digital Look Static

If you’re like me and feel stuck between the tired, old traditional photo frames and expensive digital ones, maybe this gadget will be right up your alley. Called the Floating Photo Frame, it uses magnetic levitation that we’ve seen previously, to not only display your photos in mid-air, but twirl them too.

The frame will accommodate (oddly sized) 3.5 x 5-inch (9 x 13cm) stills and when the unit is plugged in, will make the frame levitate thanks to magnets embedded inside. There are no details about how the unit works, but it presumably has an electromagnet hidden inside the dome and a microcontroller in the base to regulate movement. I wonder if the frame has a glass window? It’s totally going to drop when you lose power or accidentally unplug it.

To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about this one. It’s got all the coolness of magnetic levitation, but when combined with the photo frame element, it seems to take on an air of tackiness. Anyway, if you’ve already got a digital photo frame, you might want to keep it some distance away from this device. The magnets may wipe your images.

The Floating Photo Frame is available from Chinavasion for around £18 | $25 | €20.


Comments (One Response):

Finally one of your sites gives a price. Around $25 for the floating photo frame. Is that $25 or around $25? How much around $25.00? Around more or less than $25? Does that price include the base that makes it float? The other sites were careful to hide the fact that it did not.

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