Schlage LiNK: Unlock Your Home Via Cell Phone

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The lock masters at Schlage have come up with an impressive, internet-connected, home security system that allows you to unlock doors remotely. Ideal for times when family members lose their keys/passwords, or when someone needs to pick up something from your place when you’re not around, the LiNK system will let you open doors via your smartphone or computer no matter where you are…as long as you have internet access or a cell signal.

This LiNK Keypad Lever Lock has three modes. You can either use a traditional key, enter a PIN or deactivate it with your web-enabled phone – which could be used like a garage remote for instant entry when it’s raining, or if you’re in a rush.

The system will accommodate up to 19 different PIN combos, so you can assign one to each member of your family (however large) and secretly keep track of each person who enters the house. Kids who cut school and return home while their parents are at work should watch out…there’s full web monitoring and even text message alerts.

The LiNK system uses a wireless bridge to interpret your encrypted, internet-based commands and carry out the task. It doesn’t end with unlocking doors, but can also be hooked up to control lighting, climate control and other electronic devices around the home.

The starter kit will set you back $300, which isn’t too bad considering you get the door lock, wireless bridge and a lamp module. The problem is the ongoing $13 a month service charge for their LiNK web service, which is more than many phone contracts. I guess if you’re a programmer, a hardware hacker or just plain determined, you could grab the starter kit and work out the web-integration yourself. Won’t be easy though.

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The lock works great, and you do *NOT* need to buy the Schlage bridge or pay the Schlage monthly service. Vera, from Mi Casa Verde, fully supports the Schlage locks, uses the same level of security, also supports remote access from web and cell phone, does everything the Schlage bridge does and MUCH MORE (see: And there is *NO* mandatory subscription fee. Through 3/31/09 Mi Casa Verde is giving everyone who buys Vera + the Schlage LiNK a lifetime subscription to their online hosted services as well, which is normally $199. You save $100 by buying the Schlage lock without their bridge, plus $150/year by not using their subscription, and $199 from Mi Casa Verde. See: This makes it more affordable, and you get a real, full-featured home control system that supports all Z-Wave devices and does energy monitoring too.

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