Sony Patent Shows Surface-Like Wireless Touchscreen Printer

A Microsoft Surface-like device has…well…surfaced in a Sony patent app titled “Image forming device, having an ejection tray, and a display is mounted to a cover.” The device is essentially a flatbed inkjet printer with a large touchscreen display, that wirelessly downloads photos when a digital camera is placed on top. Once the download is complete, users can manipulate their images directly on the touchscreen and print them off, all through the one device.

Sony’s invention is described as being equipped with storage for printer paper on the inside, beneath the hinged lid (see image below). This would presumably allow access to the internals of the printer also, to allow the changing of ink cartridges and clearing of paper jams etc.

It must be noted that while the wireless image transfer is certainly an attractive feature, it would not function unless you had a suitably equipped camera with a transmitter and receiver. This could be easily achieved by Bluetooth, but is far from common in current cameras and knowing Sony, would more likely be some proprietary format/protocol.

Seeing as all of the technology in this patent app already exists, it does not seem like it would be difficult to produce. Whether or not Sony will decide to go ahead with production in the near future is doubtful however, considering the clobbering Japan’s tech companies are currently facing. But who knows? Maybe sometime down the track.

USPTO (Patent Application)
Via: Engadget and Electronic Pulp


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