Wii Weights For Riiflex Dumbbells: Gaming Prototype Unveiled

It was bound to happen at some stage. With the Wii Fit making aerobic exercise fun and thus popular, it seems a natural progression to try and reinvent other forms of exercise. Introducing the Wii Weights, or Riiflex as they’re officially known, which aim to bring a bit of fun to the mind-numbingly boring pastime of pumping iron.

These neat, brightly colored dumbbells (which are just a prototype at the moment), cleverly accommodate your Wii remote on the top and even include a trigger on the underside for complete control of in-game functions.

At a proposed weight of 2lbs (0.91kg) and 5lbs (2.27kg), they’re certainly not going to get you ripped. But then, any heavier and your game time would be very brief indeed. Here’s an idea. Why don’t they market them like regular dumbbells? They could manufacture the product in a wide variety of weights, so that those who really want to muscle up can start small and buy new and heavier versions as they gain strength. Now that would shift some units.

Anyway, the current design (which may not be identical to the finished product) is available for pre-order for around $5 | £3.50 | €4 direct from Riiflex.

Riiflex via Register Hardware

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Sure, Fitness Guy. No problem.

I used to work at a fitness club. The owner told me only about 30 to 40 percent of the members actually attended the gym, with aerobics like everything else it is the work you put in.

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