Rubik’s TouchCube: The World’s First Touchscreen Rubik’s Cube

We’ve only just digested news of the Rubik’s Mirror Blocks and the Rubik’s 360, but this thoroughly modern take on the classic puzzle is definitely one to get excited about. Called the Rubik’s TouchCube, it features 6 touchscreen faces that enable brick rotation with a mere swipe of a finger (video below). The puzzle can even assist you in solving it, step by step.

The TouchCube is entirely electronic and is the result of 3 years of engineering work for toy producer Techno Source. While 6 separate touchscreen panels is a very cool addition, it did present a problem – just how do you control the device when holding it will inevitably see your fingers aimlessly touching multiple panels, all at the same time. The solution was to include an accelerometer, that can sense which face is facing up and activate that screen only.

The device also comes with internal memory to let you save your game and finish it later, which is good to have, but is also something the original version could do just as well. The real advancement here, taking advantage of its electronic innards, is the ability to offer you tips if you get stumped and actually solve itself as you watch and learn.

Apart from requiring batteries, the biggest disadvantage to this latest Cube lies in how you’ll have to treat it. The original Rubik’s Cube was indestructible. This one, with six touchscreens, will most certainly require some care. Look out for it around Autumn with a ticket price of $149.99.

Congratulations to the marketing team btw for showing such restraint. You just know they were itching to call it the Rubik’s iCube.

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