Audi Shark Concept: A Flying Car With Bite

It’s not like we haven’t seen ocean inspired concepts or flying cars before, but this design by Kazim Doku called the Audi Shark really gets your motor running. Seemingly inspired by the sleek yet powerful appearance of sharks, it won the 2008 Desire Design Competition at Domus Academy and looks like it would be just at home under the water, as well as in the sky for which it was designed.

The Audi Shark’s most striking feature is arguably the headlights and taillights, which are simply transparent tubes with embedded LEDs. Not too practical for the real world, but hey, neither are hover cars…yet.

The Shark has enough room inside to seat two and comes complete with a set of horizontal fins on the back to complete the look…or perhaps even trigger a modernized 50s/60s fin revival.

Wondering how you get in? Check out the video below.

CarBodyDesign via LikeCool

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This would be pretty amazing if it ever hit the markets. Well designed. Very sleek and classy.

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