Cables To Go Retractable Cable Kit Has Connectivity Covered

Anyone who does a bit of mobile computing, either by necessity or choice, will know how tricky it can be to keep stock of all their cables. Well, this clever kit called the Cables To Go 28270 Retractable Cable Kit, aims to make traveling with your laptop and electronic gear a little easier. Featuring a large assortment of cables for everyday computing, they all retract neatly to avoid tangles and fit neatly into their own little enclosure within the case.

This retractable cable kit is equipped with an range of leads to hook-up digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, modems, external drives, card readers, Ethernet switches, USB printers and scanners and more. The kit accommodates gadget-heads and perhaps even IT support staff too with a number of less common connectors also.

Being more specific, the kit includes a 4-port USB 2.0 hub, a retractable mini optical USB mouse, a FireWire 6-Pin Female to 4-Pin Male connector, USB A/Male to USB A/Male connector, USB A/Male to USB B/Male connector, USB A/Male to USB 4-Pin Mini B-Male connector, USB A/Male to USB 5-Pin Mini B/Male connector, an RJ45 crossover connector, two RJ45 to USB A/Female connectors and two RJ11 to USB A/Female connectors.

Cable-wise you get a 3.5ft retractable stereo earphone and microphone, a 3.5ft retractable USB A/Male to USB A/Female cable, a 4ft retractable USB A/Male to USB A/Male cable, a 3ft retractable RJ11 cable and a 3ft retractable FireWire 1394a 6-Pin/Male to 6-Pin/Male cable.

With a case size of 8.5″ (21.5cm) x 6.0″ (15.2cm) x 2″ (5cm), the Cables To Go 28270 kit is a handy addition to your mobile arsenal that can be carried on its own, or as a way of keeping your cables organized within your current road bag. It is available from either or, both for exactly $39.24.

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