Toyota MR2 Sports Car To Return With Prius Hybrid Tech

Toyota are apparently developing a new version of their great little MR2 sports car, that ended production back in 2007. This comeback model will be in the form of a compact coupe, rather than the roadster style of its predecessor and will feature a specially developed version of the hybrid powertrain from Toyota’s Prius.

The car aims to blend the sports-like performance of the original MR2 with economy and low emissions, presumably to fit with our modern environmental zeitgeist. Obviously sensitive to our current economic climate also, the car is expected to be priced at just £20,000 | $29,000 – only a small premium over Toyota’s boxy Prius and less than a quarter of the cost of Tesla’s Roadster.

The new MR2 is said to include steering wheel mounted paddle shifters, get 0-60MPH in around 7 seconds, emit less than 100g/km of CO2 and return 60mpg.

This is a smart move by Toyota, who could be missing out on a large share of the motor market by focusing so heavily on conservatively styled, family-oriented vehicles.

An earlier model MR2 – before it was discontinued.

AutoExpress via Jalopnik

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I like this little car, and it is much cheaper that I had expected. I would have thought that they would have priced it much higher considering what the Prius is going for these days. Good for them for developing such an enviromentally friendly car and keeping it at a reasonable price.

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