Virtual Cocoon Headset: See, Smell And Taste Distant Locations

A team of British scientists have come up with a virtual reality headset that recreates not just sights and sounds, but also smells and tastes. Called the Virtual Cocoon, it provides a multi-sensory experience which is much akin to Star Trek’s Holodeck and is expected to hit the market within 5 years.

The Virtual Cocoon was created by a team of British scientists from York and Warwick Universities and is expected to provide what they call “Real Virtuality” experiences such as the smell of flowers in an Alpine meadow, or perhaps the taste of the seaside air – right from your sofa. The device could be used in a practical day-to-day setting also, as a way of catching up with distant family and friends as if you were in the same room, or even conducting more personal long-distance business meetings.

The prototype features a high-definition high-dynamic display which apparently produces images 30 times brighter and 10 times darker than a traditional TV, helping to create a more immersive, life-like experience. Along with that, the helmet is fitted with a nose-piece that sprays a carefully concocted scent from a connected box of chemicals, to recreate the olfactory experience. A similar device also introduces flavors into the mouth, while a fan, heater and obligatory surround sound round out the virtual sensations.

The ability to experience real-time exploration of remote locations via a wireless link certainly opens up a lot of possibilities and opportunities. Also, with a wait time of 5 years and an initial cost estimate of only £1,500 | $2,100 | €1,600, ownership of this device could someday prove a reality for millions. Here’s hoping.

University of York and University of Warwick and Daily Mail

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This is rather interesting…I dont know if it would be that comfortable?

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