Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel: 3,000°C Spark In Any Weather

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors for a spot of camping, hunting or fishing will appreciate this little survival tool. Called Swedish FireSteel by the outdoor accessory geniuses Light My Fire, this tool will get you a searing 3,000°C / 5,500°F spark in any weather including rain, making it easy to start yourself a cozy fire.


Light My Fire’s Swedish FireSteel is perfect for lighting anything from campfires and fireplaces to barbecues and gas stoves, or even cigarettes – if you’re brave enough. More reliable than matches that are susceptible to damp or lighters where, at least with me, the flint always breaks on you unexpectedly – the Swedish FireSteel will get you 12,000 strikes.


Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense and approved by the International Survival Instructors Association, the Swedish FireSteel is so bright that it can be used as an emergency signal – yet attracts no “dangerous goods” restrictions, making it easy to carry and transport. The FireSteel will work in the rain and cold and using it is as simple as dragging the striker along the fire-starter shaft.

Available now to light your fire with ease, bright sparks can pick up this Army version of the Swedish FireSteel at Iwantoneofthose for £12.99, or $14.06 at

Iwantoneofthose and Light My Fire


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