Köhler FLUID Faucet: Wash Your Hands Or Drink Handsfree

Köhler FLUID Faucet: Wash Your Hands Or Drink Handsfree

In the never-ending search to reduce our use of dishes (and therefore time spent cleaning them), comes this clever design from German geniuses Köhler. Called the FLUID Faucet, this unique design can be converted from regular faucet to drinking fountain with a mere twist of the wrist – eliminating the need for a glass, or even resorting to cupping your hands when after a drink of water or when rinsing your mouth.

Köhler (not to be confused with US Bidet Brand Kohler), have really focused on simplicity with this FLUID Faucet design. When the spout is level, the water flow is cut off. But when tilted either up or down, a valve opens and lets the water flow – the greater the angle, the greater the gush.

Temperature control is included via a knob on the side which rounds out the included options, but my question is – if you found one of these in a public restroom without having read about it, could you work out how to use it? I’d probably think it had a temperamental automatic sensor (as so many do nowadays) and get all frustrated trying to trigger it. Then feel stupid upon realizing how simple and low-tech it actually is.

Köhler FLUID Faucet: Wash Your Hands Or Drink Handsfree

Köhler Design via DVICE

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I’m hopeless with all plumbing problems,only wish i possessed a handful of simple skills in order to save money with plumbers!

the faucet is great. the lever has good movement. you can tell you have good hardware and not some $60 costco faucet.

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