Polaroid PoGo: The Instant Camera Jumps Into The Digital Age

Polaroid PoGo: The Instant Camera Jumps Into The Digital Age

The Polaroid PoGo is the latest release from the legendary instant camera manufacturer Polaroid, which promises the power and flexibility of digital photography, combined with the convenience of instant prints.

With a slim form-factor that we’ve all come to expect from digital point-and-shoot cameras, the Polaroid PoGo amazingly manages to squeeze in a built-in printer that can spit out 2 x 3-inch prints in less than a minute. The Polaroid PoGo is a 5-megapixel camera – which appears a bit behind the times, but should be more than enough for printing good quality 2 by 3s. It also comes with a large 3-inch LCD display for previewing your photos before printing, fetching 20 prints per battery charge.

The PoGo also includes all your modern digital camera features including smile detection, face tracking, red-eye removal and image stabilization, plus an SD memory card slot for saving images you’d rather store on your computer. It throws in some extras as well, such as the ability to crop or add borders to your images before printing, enabling simple image editing without connecting to your computer.

The integrated printer uses Polaroid’s ZINK (Zero Ink) technology to produce affordable prints and remain maintenance free. There are no ink cartridges to replace, just keep an ample supply of the special ZINK heat-activated paper and you’re good to go. With dimensions of 6.1″ (15.5cm) x 8.1″ (20.6cm) x 4.8″ (12.2cm) and a weight of 3 pounds (1.36kg), Polaroid should be lauded for their innovative and successful merging of old and new. This is a modern and compact product that further extends the convenience of digital photography.

The Polaroid PoGo is available for $199.99 from Amazon.com, who also stock packs of 30 of Polaroid’s ZINK paper for $12.99.

Polaroid PoGo: The Instant Camera Jumps Into The Digital Age

Polaroid PoGo (Product Page) and Amazon.com
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