Ecco GPS Keychain Guides You To Your Car, Camp Or Crib

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Ecco GPS Keychain Guides You To Your Car, Camp Or Crib

The Ecco GPS Keychain is a handy locating device that will remember just where you parked your car, set up camp, that spot where your group agreed to “meet back here” or perhaps, for moments of amnesia, even where you live.

Good for a range of up to 9,999 miles and with a memory that can store 3 locations, the Ecco GPS Keychain could even be used for locating your remote island treasure. Better than X marks the spot, just don’t lose the preset.

This gadget would be great for aimless wandering about foreign cities and not having to worry about trying to find your car or hotel. Just set and forget. Easy to use (just follow the on-screen arrow), the Ecco Keychain will estimate the distance to your saved marker, get you up to 2 weeks of daily use on a full charge and tops up easily over USB.

Save yourself getting lost by finding your way over to who have the Ecco GPS unit available on pre-order for £69.95 ($114).

Ecco GPS Keychain Guides You To Your Car, Camp Or Crib

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Comments (5 Responses):

Can you set destinations, like via Google earth or somesuch? Would be even more useful if I could get it to point me in the direction of somewhere I haven’t been.

@ James
I’m afraid it only gets you back to places you’ve been to previously and marked. But I agree, it would be much more useful if you could set unvisited destinations, but would undoubtedly be a lot bulkier.

Even if it couldn’t do that yet, this device is definitely ingenious and handy. Especially for those who tend to forget where they parked their car.

Hey I think this product is great, I have one now and I will never leave my Hotel with out it, I can go shoping or just walking around in any city in the wrold and know its going to take be back. It’s to cool! I love how simple it is just lock ,go and return. Thank you Ecco!!

Its not good if you lost your keys or someone steals it. They will know exactly where your car is. Would be nice if there is a pocket clip so you can attach it to your belt.

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