Free Street Pianos Beg Londoners: “Play Me, I’m Yours”

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Free Pianos Beg Londoners: "Play Me, I'm Yours" [Setting Up]

30 free-to-use pianos have been scattered around old London town as a part of this month’s Sing London festival, encouraging pedestrians to hit the keys and engage with their urban environment. The arts project entitled “Play Me, I’m Yours” was created by Luke Jerram and invites all members of the public to get involved.

By chance, I actually ran into one of these pianos yesterday with my gf at Liverpool Street Station (that very piano is pictured below thanks to user submitted pics). We had a bit of a play and to my surprise – started drawing an audience. I thought maybe we should put down a hat. Turns out they were just forming a queue.

Note: The free piano / pay restroom juxtaposition will make your mind spin.

Free Pianos Beg Londoners: "Play Me, I'm Yours" [Liverpool St. Station]

Street Pianos and Sing London


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