Hydrokinetic Adjustable Wrench Looks Like A Hyperspanner

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Hydrokinetic Adjustable Wrench Looks Like A Hyperspanner

The Hydrokinetic Adjustable Wrench is a clever slimline redesign of the traditional wide-jawed adjustable shifter, which allows access to tight enclosed spaces and bears an uncanny resemblance to a Star Trek Hyperspanner.

Made of nickel-plated cold-forged steel, the Hydrokinetic Adjustable Wrench is also flexible enough to handle up to 23 different metric and imperial nut sizes. To use the wrench simply open the valve, fit one of the ends around a nut or bolt, push the gripper on the opposite end till you get a tight fit and lock it off by closing the valve. Sounds like a two-handed operation, but simple enough to use (see video below).

The Hydrokinectic Wrench gets such a firm grip it can apparently shift even damaged nuts and bolts and is yours for just $24.99 over at ThinkGeek.

Hydrokinetic Adjustable Wrench Looks Like A Hyperspanner [Action Shot]


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