Star Trek Scrabble Will Engage Your Sci-Fi Lingo

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Star Trek Scrabble Will Engage Your Sci-Fi Lingo

Star Trek Scrabble is an officially licensed version of the classic Scrabble crossword game that will put your Trek lingo to the test. Including a Star Trek-themed game board, word challenges and even a Klingon dictionary, it offers a chance to brush up on your Sci-Fi vocabulary, challenge your friends and maybe even learn a new word or two.

Based on the The Original Series (TOS) Star Trek and naturally featuring the Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley trio on the box, Star Trek Scrabble comes complete with 100 tiles, 4 racks, letter bag and instructions.

Star Trek Scrabble would be perfect for that next get-together with your Trekkie mates and you can make it so by heading over to, who will replicate you one for $29.99.

Sources: via Craziest Gadgets


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