WildCharge Wirelessly Charges Your iPhone, iPod Touch.

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WildCharge Wirelessly Charges Your iPhone, iPod Touch.

The WildCharge Skins and WildCharge Universal Adapters are part of a breakthrough technology that enables wireless charging of many popular gadgets including iPhones (inc. the new 3GS), the Blackberry Pearl, the iPod Touch and many more, simply by placing them on a WildCharge Pad.

The WildCharge system is the very first commercially available wire-free charging solution and centers around the WildCharge Pad – which is a thin, flat surface with mains-powered conductive lines running across it. When a skinned or adapted gadget is placed anywhere on the surface, a circuit is created and charging will commence. The device will recharge your gadgets at the same rate as a wall charger and can charge up to 5 items simultaneously.

While not as advanced as the contactless wireless power transmission technology in development, the WildCharge Pad is certainly impressive. The pad will only pass current to the skins and adapters, so it’s safe to touch or even spill liquids on without getting shocked or frying something.

The slimline skins are available for all models of iPhone as well as the Blackberry Pearl, which can be purchased in a kit including the WildCharge Pad at Firebox for £59.95. A skin is also available for the iPod Touch for £24.95.

For other cellphones the WildCharge Universal Adapter (£35) comes to the rescue, bridging the gap between your device’s battery and the WildCharge Pad – with tips that will connect over 150 different cellphone models. Genious.

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