StuckOnTools Tool Board Makes Tool Storage Magnetic

StuckOnTools Tool Board Makes Tool Storage Magnetic

If you’ve ever struggled storing your tools with the often undersized and too widely spaced holes in traditional peg boards, you’ll really appreciate this clever gadget. Called the StuckOnTools Tool Board, it essentially grabs onto your metal tools with a range of small, but strong magnets and even holds onto non-metal tools via an included accessory kit.

This StuckOnTools Deluxe model features a 24″ x 36″ powder coat painted steel tool board and includes a starter pack of attachments that should cover your most often used tools. Additional accessories like an electric drill holster, magnetic hooks and many more can also be purchased separately.

Including a wall mounting kit complete with chrome screw covers, the StuckOnTools Tool Board looks like a fun way to arrange and display your tools – much like a peg board is, but without the frustrations that accompany it. $69.95 at

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I work in a medical device company in Ireland and I am looking for small shawdow boards for storing our tools at each process step. What size do you make your tool boards?

Kind regards,
Anne Doyle

Anne, this tool board in particular is quite large at 24″ x 36″, however you could try the StuckOnTools storefront where there’s quite a few different sizes for use in the garden and kitchen as well as in the garage.

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