Coffee Hourglass Reduces Acid, Enhances Flavor, Saves You Time.

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Coffee Hourglass Reduces Acid, Enhances Flavor, Saves You Time.

If you’re a coffee lover like me, you probably refuse to drink that instant swill that’s full of mysterious carby compounds. You may also get a bit frustrated by how much longer it takes you to brew a fresh cup of joe – than the average joe with their instant. This clever coffee maker, called the Coffee Hourglass, could be the solution – cold brewing your coarsely ground beans in advance so you too can enjoy coffee in an instant and even achieve an enhanced flavor.

Because the Coffee Hourglass brews with cold water, it is able to reduce the acidic compounds – which are apparently responsible for heartburn and bitter tastes – by as much as 69.6%. The cold-brewing process preserves flavor-enhancing essential oils too, plus it doesn’t require any electricity to run.

The hourglass takes 2 1/4 cups of coarsely ground coffee with 3 1/2 cups of water, which after a good overnight infusion period – produces a concentrated coffee extract that is ready to be added straight to a cup of hot water. The remainder can be stored in the fridge in the included carafe for use over the following fortnight.

The Acid Reducing Flavor Enhancing Coffee Hourglass makes up to eight 8-oz. cups per use and is available now from Hammacher Schlemmer for $79.95. Hit up the Buy Now for a video of this mocha maker in action – including a full walk-through and some humorous sip, ahh’s. Brew, Flip & Enjoy.

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