Nutritional Facts Scale Weighs Up Your Carbs, Calories And More.

Nutritional Facts Scale Weighs Up Your Carbs, Calories And More.

If you’re trying to keep an eye on your weight and are forever converting those USDA nutrition charts on packaging and online, this gadget is sure to be a timesaver. Called the Nutritional Facts Scale, it displays 10 key elements of the food you weigh including carbs, calories, calories from fat, protein, sodium, cholesterol and more.

With a database of over 999 different foods, plus a memory that will accommodate 99 of your more exotic delicacies – the Nutritional Facts Scale should make sticking to your diet much easier and help you to shape up. Accurate to within 1 gram, the scale can give you readings in either grams or ounces and will let you tally nutritional values over the course of a meal – or even a whole day.

Featuring a stainless steel platform for easy cleaning and stain resistance, the Nutritional Facts Scale includes two AA batteries and is available now from for $34.99.


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in india where can i get this nutrition facts scale expecially in bangaloure

i always make sure that i dont consume too much Calories in my diet. a high calorie diet is bad for the heart so i always avoid high carb and high sugar diet.

I always monitor my Calories when i eat. I make sure that i dont eat foods that are very high in carbohydrates or foods with very high calories.

I am very conscious about my Calorie intake when eating. I usually restrict my Calorie intake so as not to gain weight and also i am into a low carb, low fat diet.

in kuwait ,where i get this scale? do you have any agents in kuwait?
Thank you

Lisha, I’m afraid Hammacher have ceased selling the Nutritional Facts Scale, but I just found it available on (the only store) and have now updated the links. Amazon do ship to Kuwait when they sell the product directly, but this is not the case here unfortunately.

They do have another scale, however, that might be of interest called the EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale which they do sell direct and which doesn’t seem to carry any shipping restrictions.

Hope this helps,

hey my name is charles and im in south africa i just want to find out im intrested in the scale but want to find out is it compatible for 220watts

Hi, Charles. If you pick up the scale at you’ll have no trouble running it on 220-240 volts.
Cheers, Mark.

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