COOL-ER eBook Reader: Nano-Chromatic Looks For Electronic Books.

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COOL-ER eBook Reader [Black and Pink]

The number of different eReaders on the market is growing rapidly, but in the aesthetics department – none look cool-er than this super-thin, ebook reading / music playing hybrid. Called the COOL-ER eBook Reader, it features a black and white e-ink display that’s unaffected by direct sunlight and can hold from 500-800 novels on its (expandable) 1GB of storage.

The COOL-ER features a large 6-inch display, yet measures a mere 7.2″ (183mm) tall, 4.65″ (118mm) wide and 0.43″ (11mm) thick. It weighs a tiny 6-ounces (almost half that of Amazon’s Kindle 2) and will handle MP3 music files plus PDF, RTF, TXT, HTML, JPG and more.

The iPod styling knockoff is blatant, yet well executed and even includes a form of Apple’s scroll-wheel for easy navigation through menus and for turning pages. The eReader’s Lithium-Polymer battery charges in around three hours and will get you up to 8000 page turns, while storage can be boosted with the addition of your own SD card.

Available in 8 colors and with a 25% lifetime discount at who stock over 300,000 titles, the COOL-ER eBook Reader is available now from for $310 | £190 | €217. With the convenience and the colors, how could this thing not make you cooler more well-read?

COOL-ER eBook Reader [All Colors]


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Its really awesome sleek and shiny do anyone know whats the battery timing of this gadget ?

@ Imran

The battery gets up to 8000 page turns per charge. Since the COOL-ER reader uses an e-ink display with no backlighting, it would consume little to no power when not refreshing the display – which occurs when you turn a page or scroll through menu options.

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