Personal Oxygen Bar Provides Spa-Like Relaxation At Home

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The Personal Oxygen Bar

Many people swear by oxygen therapy as a way to relax and unwind. Often featured at expensive spas and resorts in the form of dedicated Oxygen Bars, this kind of therapy is said to promote a sense of calm and also improve concentration. The trouble is, portable oxygen therapy units for everyday use are prohibitively expensive and difficult to come by. I’ve tried. But now, thanks to a product called the Personal Oxygen Bar, you can enjoy a rejuvenating hit of fresh air at the end of each smog-filled city workday – right from the comfort of your own home or office.

Increasing the concentration of oxygen you breathe by 30%, the Personal Oxygen Bar features a compressor that draws in ambient air, scrubs it through removable and washable filters and finally, passes it through a membrane that isolates the oxygen. The oxygen is then pumped to a flexible headset and exits through an adjustable outlet positioned near your mouth to breathe in.

With easy-to-use push-button controls that let you enjoy 10 to 30 minute sessions accompanied by ethereal musical compositions from its built-in music player, the Personal Oxygen Bar sounds like a great way to relax…bettered only by the addition of the Whole Body Massage Chair to sit in. Wunderbar.

Weighing a mere 11lbs and requiring nothing more than an AC wall outlet to run (no oxygen tanks to refill), the ultra-portable Personal Oxygen Bar is available now from Hammacher Schlemmer for a very affordable $299.95. Much better than $30 a pop for oxygen in a can. Yeah, I only bought one.

Hammacher Schlemmer

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I have tried the oxygen bar thing and it is terribly hard to relax. There are lots of people and they are all looking around to see if anyone else is looking at them. Not quite the atmosphere you want if you are trying to realax. This at home bar is quite interesting and I thought it would cost a lot more than that.

Thanks I don’t make it a habbit to post comments but I thought since I’ve been looking on the net for a while and couldn’t find this info you needed to be congratulated. Thanks again I hope it didn’t take you as long to post it as it did to find your site haha

Is Mark getting a commission for sales on this oxygen bar?

Hi Vic,

I use affiliate links where available for ALL of the cool things I find and write about. They help to keep this site running and (mostly) ad-free. – Mark.

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