Reflexology Massager Is On Call To Reduce Stress, Improve Circulation.

Reflexology Massager [With Electrode Pads]

You can’t beat a good reflexology session, but who can afford the time and expense of frequent professional treatments? Well, thanks to this gadget called the Reflexology Massager, you can reduce your stress levels and improve your circulation whenever you likeright from the comfort of your home or office.

Combining traditional foot reflexology and acupuncture, this electronic wonder uses safe, low-frequency, electro-waves to work your reflex zones and acupoints – whilst stimulating your nerves, muscles and capillaries to naturally enhance your body’s own healing power.

With toe-activated controls, the Reflexology Massager can be used without having to bend down and as it works its magic without using a messy foot bath, this electronic foot masseur can be conveniently enjoyed on carpeted areas (like in front of the TV). Simply place your feet on the pads, select your chosen massage duration and intensity, then press start.

Feedback from practitioners confirms the massager’s effectiveness in relieving fluid retention in the lower limbs, as well as poor circulation, stress and general aches and pains. With 40 levels of intensity, this ready-to-roll reflexologist is also flexible enough to accommodate your body’s changing needs on a day-to-day basis.

The Reflexology Massager comes equipped with 4 electrode pads and cables for pain relief on all parts of your body, runs on either mains power or 3 x C-size cells and is available now from the gadget experts at Expert Verdict for £149.95 ($240).

Reflexology Massager

Expert Verdict

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i am very interested in studying Reflexology. my friend who is a physical therapist is teaching me right now.

Could you make your posts longer because I find all this information fascinating.

wish to start wellness clinic

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