Spring Loaded Walking Shoes Literally Put A Spring In Your Step

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The Spring Loaded Walking Shoes [Pair]

If you have trouble getting out there and doing some exercise due to exhaustion or lethargy, these bouncy trainers should help get you moving. Called the Spring Loaded Walking Shoes, they feature shock-absorbing and energy-deflecting springs embedded in the soles – which stop stress and fatigue caused by running, walking or long periods of standing – in their tracks.

These spring-loaded trainers have been tested for Runner’s World magazine by Michigan State University and the results showed the patented springs deflected and returned up to 96 percent of the energy from each step. This otherwise wasted energy is reused, bouncing back and providing you with a propulsive boost which is sure to keep you moving.

Unlike other air-cushion systems and gels out there, these specially designed springs – developed by footwear company Spira – will never break down or degrade, providing consistent performance over the lifetime of the shoes.

Featuring a full-grain leather upper and a one-piece outsole, the Spring Loaded Walking Shoes contain a spring in the heel and under the forefoot of each shoe which are so well concealed (unlike NTT’s power generating shoes), no one will ever know about your unfair advantage…though your mates might wonder why you’re now always first in impromptu races.

Available in a range of sizes for both men and women in either white or black, the Spring Loaded Walking Shoes are a hot item over at Hammacher Schlemmer, where they’re running out the door at $139.95 a pair.

The Spring Loaded Walking Shoes [Showing Springs]

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Extremely interesting blog post thanks for sharing I just added your website to my bookmarks and will be back.

I am looking for a SHOE that will help with low back pain. Size 8.5 wide EE or EEE in black. Is this available? What is your exchang policy regarding wrong size or proper fit?

George, the Spring Loaded Walking Shoes could indeed help with lower back pain as your heels would be subjected to significantly less impact. Click through to Hammacher Schlemmer who do stock the shoes in a black 8.5 and offer a “rather famous unconditional lifetime guarantee” – Cheers, Mark.

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