Video Camera Pen Captures Conversations From Your Shirt Pocket

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The Video Camera Pen

If you’re in need of a covert spy-gadget, or simply want an inconspicuous way of taking audio and video notes at meetings – this device has got you covered. Called The Video Camera Pen, it is designed to look just like a classy ball-point stylus, so no one will ever suspect they’re being filmed.

Recording both audio and color video from up to 50 feet away and writing just like a regular ball-point, the Video Camera Pen can capture up to 2.5 hours of 640 x 480 video – which is stored on the pen’s 4GB memory.

Once you’re back at your desk, simply plug the Video Camera Pen into your computer via its built-in USB port. You can then download your recordings for notes or other nefarious purposes and top up the 2 hour lithium battery via the included AC adapter.

The Video Camera Pen is designed to be clipped to your shirt pocket for covert, convenient, unobstructed and easily controlled recordings and is available now from Hammacher Schlemmer for $129.95.

The Video Camera Pen [In Pocket]

Hammacher Schlemmer

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Comments (3 Responses):

Who is the made by, what is the name of the manufacturer?

Hi Allison,
I have contacted Hammacher with your question and I’m afraid they don’t divulge any additional manufacturer info beyond that presented on their site. I can understand this isn’t very helpful if you want to do some price comparison searches – but if you wanted to research the quality of the product before making a purchase, you can pretty much rest assured as Hammacher have an unconditional lifetime guarantee on everything they sell.

Here is the official answer:
“Thank you for your interest in Hammacher Schlemmer. Unfortunately, we are not able to reveal the manufacturer or model number of a product unless this information is already provided in our catalog or on our web site. We realize that this might be an inconvenience to you, but please keep in mind that we unconditionally guarantee every item we sell for the duration of its normal life under standard use. If one of our products should, for any reason, fail to meet your expectations, simply return it to us and we will promptly replace it or issue a refund.”

The Spyer company produces a product that looks exactly like the HS pen/cam and the price as seen here

is the same as well.

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