ION Tape Express: Walkman-like Cassette Converter Rolls Out MP3s

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ION Tape Express Audio Cassette To MP3 Converter

If you’ve got boxes of old audio cassettes just crying out for a digital makeover, this portable retro gadget will have you listening to the sounds of your youth again in no time. Called the ION Tape Express, it resembles that old Walkman you used to lug around everywhere – but instead of just playing your old tapes, it also converts recordings to MP3 files for transfer to CDs, iTunes, or more portable playback on your iPod or MP3 player.

Like the slide, negative and photograph converters we’ve looked at previously, ION’s Tape Express connects to your computer via USB and includes EZ Tape Converter software for control over your audio conversions. You can also use the player on its own – powering it over USB or those good ol’ AA cells, or even connect it to a hi-fi – earning you a little r.e.s.p.e.c.t from retro kids at 80’s-revival parties.

Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista, the ION Tape Express measures 11.5cm (4.5″) x 8.5cm (3.3″) x 3cm (1.2″) and is available now on pre-order from IWOOT for £49.99. If Ion’s earlier products offer any indication, a US release should be along shortly.

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Comments (9 Responses):

I need Ion Tape Express, am in India, how can you help me in that regards. What will be the cost of device in India

I am dying to get a gadget to convert 1000s of my old songs(Im 60 and you know how we elders love music of OUR TIMES) into soft mode so that I can store them in PC/CD etc for easy selective playing with better sound quality.

I have a PC with windows XP – will that do?

Hi umapathy,

A PC with XP will do just fine. I’m not sure what kinds of media you’re looking to convert, but you may want to check out the Briefcase USB Turntable, the LP And Cassette To CD Recorder and the ION iPROFILE USB Turntable also to cover all bases.

I would like to buy Audio tape to MP3 converter. Can you please send me who sells this product in India.

@ Ravi, @Mehul,

ION stockists seem to be restricted to selling within their region, but I just found a few on ebay with International shipping (including India).
Hope this helps, Mark.

My dream is reel to reel recorder with usb – out.
Many audiofils wanted manufacturing new reel recorder. Because old reel to reel recorder need servise and replase part not available(replase part only from any oldest tape recorders).
Recording to tape from digital take great natural sound without quantezy errors.
I’m make all digital record to reel tape.
Audiofils have reel colection with music from all world and wanted digital conwerting reel to mp3.
Many company manufacturing cassette deck, turn tables, and not know need of reel recorder.

If for any reason the ION cassette tape player is faulty, can I play with another cassette player that is not ION, using the USB cable and software?

Hi Felix,

I’ve been in touch with IWOOT regarding your question about the ION Tape-Express.

They have contacted the supplier, who replied with the following:

“This won’t work I’m afraid. The Tape Express has a an Analogue to Digital converter inside that digitises the audio before its sent down the USB cable to the computer.”

Hope this helps,


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