Only Hidden Cat Fence Keeps Your Kitty Safe From Roads, Rooftops.

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The Only Hidden Cat Fence

If you worry about your kitty prowling the neighborhood at night and potentially getting lost or injured, this electronic barrier should provide some piece of mind. Called the Only Hidden Cat Fence, it lets you cordon off neighboring properties (particularly useful if your cat likes to steal your neighbors’ washing), roads or other unsafe areas such as pools, trees or rooftops to keep your puss safe and out of trouble.

Including a small electronic collar for your friend, as well as a boundary wire that you can bury in a shallow trench 1 to 3-inches deep or attach to an existing structure, the Only Hidden Cat Fence will cover a yard up to a third of an acre in size and emits a warning tone when it senses your kitteh approaching. If curiosity prevails and your feline proceeds across the barrier, they’ll receive a mild static pulse – prompting lolz an immediate about turn.

The boundary wire connects to an indoor transmitter which lets you either turn off the static energy pulse altogether, or adjust it to four different strengths to find the one most suited to your cat’s size and determination. The kit includes 500-feet of boundary wire, an instructional DVD, as well as 50 flags to serve as a visual reminder of where you installed your fence.

Suitable for all cats over 6lbs in weight and 6 months of age and including a readily-available replaceable battery that is good for 2 months of use, the Only Hidden Cat Fence is available now from Hammacher Schlemmer for $199.95.

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