The Wand Remote Control Changes Channels With A Flick, Swish Or Whirl.

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The Wand Remote Control

Let’s face it. That once fascinating wonder – the remote control – has long since lost it’s magic. But now, thanks to this gadget called The Wand Remote Control, you can rekindle some of that earlier wonderment and wizardry by literally flicking channels, rotating the volume or swishing your set on and off – all with the whirl of your wrist.

Entirely gesture-controlled, The Wand comes with ZERO buttons – so you must truly know your craft in order to use it. The upside? Control of your AV components is now yours…and yours alone. Loaded with 13 predefined gestures and the ability to learn up to 13 infrared codes from your existing TV, stereo, or set-top box to sync them with, The Wand even provides feedback – confirming gesture recognition by pulsating so you know where you’re at.

Requiring 2 x AAA batteries, this remote control wand goes to sleep after 60 seconds of inactivity to conserve its mojo, but wakes immediately when picked up again – ready to telecast some spells.

Measuring 14-inches (35.5cm) x 0.78-inches (2cm), The Wand is available now from the wizards over at for $79 | £50 | €54.



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