Telekinetic Obstacle Course Requires Hand / Mind Coordination

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Telekinetic Obstacle Course

If you’re keen on improving your mind (or a child’s concentration levels), this game, called the Telekinetic Obstacle Course looks awesome fun for all ages. Well, 8 and up. The aim of the game? To maneuver a ball through an obstacle coursewith your mind.

Without the vocabulary barrier of crosswords or the numerical logic required for Sudoku, the Telekinetic Obstacle Course requires just concentration and your soon to be skillful sense of hand-mind coordination to navigate the game’s ball through hoops, teeter-totters (seesaws), baskets and chutes.

Including a headband and two earlobe clips that measure your brain’s theta wave activity (similar to medical EEG monitors), the game’s headband translates your concentration levels into wirelessly transmitted instructions. Your mental commands control the speed of the game’s fan which, in turn, makes the foam ball atop the airstream rise, fall or levitate (see video).

Once you’ve got the mind bit mastered, you need to introduce your hand into the mix. By twisting a knob the game-board turns, enabling you to move the ball through one of eight obstacles – which can be interchanged as you see fit.

Including nine obstacles in total and running on 4 x C and 3 x AAA batteries, the Telekinetic Obstacle Course is available now and, unlike the game itself, is a no-brainer to order over at Hammacher Schlemmer for $99.95.

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