Zadro Fogless Shower Mirror Is Clearly The Way To A Closer Shave

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Zadro Fogless Shower Mirror

You can’t beat the closeness of a shower shave, but with the mirrors fogged and having to feel your way around your face, it is time consuming and prone to missed bits and mishaps. This gadget however, called the Zadro Fogless Shower Mirror features a special fog-free surface, an LED light and a 1 to 5x zoom function – letting you easily take a long, hard look at your lathered-up self in a bathroom full of steam.

Getting you a closer shave without any mess in the sink, this reflective wonder provides a clear, shadowless reflection thanks to its patented fog-free material and LED light around the circumference. The light turns itself off after 5 minutes to conserve battery power in case you forget on those rushed mornings and the surface is made of break-resistant material – so there’ll be no close shaves should it ever fall (video below).

With three installation methods including strong suction cups, double-sided tape or a cord to hang it around the shower head, the Zadro Fogless Shower Mirror can be mounted to just about any shower type – ensuring a razor-sharp look at home and abroad.

Including a digital clock to prevent you losing track of time in a Narcissus-like fixation, the Zadro even has a convenient hook for your razor when you’re done. Requiring 3 x AA batteries for the LED light and measuring 9″ tall x 8.25″ wide x 2″ deep, the Zadro Fogless Shower Mirror is available now from the close-shaven purveyors over at Vat19 for $39.95.



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