Demy Touchscreen Digital Recipe Reader Is Kitchen-Safe, A Cook’s Dream.

Demy Touchscreen Digital Recipe Reader [In Action]

If you love getting your hands dirty in the kitchen and cooking up flavorsome feasts, chances are you’ve amassed quite a collection of food-stained recipes scattered about the place. Helping to not only find the recipe you’re after instantly, but keeping it clean and easy to read comes this kitchen-safe, touchscreen digital recipe reader called Demy.

Billed as a tool no serious home cook can afford to be without, Demy features a high-resolution 7-inch glass touchscreen, holds an impressive 2,500 recipes and includes an easily navigable user interface – so you can find your secret sauce method quickly when you need a memory jog.

Designed to withstand messy kitchen environments, the Demy Touchscreen Digital Recipe Reader is splash-resistant and easy to clean, meaning spilt milk will have you reaching for a damp cloth rather than a handkerchief and thanks to an auto-rotating screen and adjustable font-sizes, can be kept at a distance to free up your workspace.

Including 250 recipes to get you started (organized alphabetically in a virtual library), the Demy Touchscreen Recipe Reader can save a shortlist of recipes in preparation for multi-course meals and also boasts a thorough list of ingredient alternatives to save trips to the store when you’re missing something. With three built-in cooking timers and a multi-measurement conversion tool, Demy is more an all-in-one cooking assistant than a mere reading device.

Syncing with the recipe sharing site by simply plugging it into either a Mac or PC over the included USB cable, the Demy Kitchen-Safe Digital Recipe Reader is available now to help you cook your festive fare with flair over at Barnes and Noble for $299.95.

Demy Touchscreen Digital Recipe Reader [Upright]

Demy Touchscreen Digital Recipe Reader {Resting Flat]

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I will DEFINITELY try this one out. My guinea pig family is loving all the new recipes I find.

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