EZ Faucet Automatic Sensor Adapter Saves Water, Prevents Germs.

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EZ Faucet Automatic Sensor Faucet Adapter

Sensor-activated faucets are a great way to save water and prevent the spread of germs, but the thought of ripping out your tapware to install one isn’t very appealing. Thankfully, this gadget, called the EZ Faucet Automatic Sensor Adapter has come to the rescue, simply retrofitting to your existing plumbing to make any household sink handsfree (video below).

Promising a 70% reduction in water use, the EZ Faucet would be a great help when hand-washing dishes (ending the aggravation of turning the tap on and off to rinse each item) and after dirty jobs like gardening or working on the car when you need to clean up.

Including an automatic override button and providing full water flow and temperature control via your existing faucet, the EZ Faucet Automatic Sensor Adapter is made of high-tech polymers and unleaded brass and is available now from Overstock.com for $39.99.



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