No Jet-Lag Homeopathic Tablets Make Long-Haul Flights A Breeze

No Jet-Lag Homeopathic Tablets

If you’ve got yourself booked on a long-haul flight like I have this holiday season, these jet-lag busting chewable tablets are sure to be of interest. Boldly named No Jet-Lag, they are a safe, natural homeopathic preparation with no side effects or drug interactions – sworn effective by travelers since 1990.

Made in New Zealand with Arnica, Bellis Perennis, Chamomilla, Ipecacuanha and Lycopodium as active ingredients, you simply take one No Jet-Lag tablet around every two hours during your flights and stopovers to help you feel fresh and jet-lag free after as long as 50 hours in transit.

Proven effective in trials on flight attendants, No Jet-Lag helps relieve not only sleeplessness – but many other jet-lag symptoms such as dehydration, disorientation, lack of energy and motivation, swelling of limbs, ear/nose/throat problems, colds and flu as well as countering tiredness and lethargy that can last for days after you arrive.

Free from sugar, lactose, gluten, dairy products or any artificial colors or preservatives, No Jet-Lag is available now with raving reviews and a confident money-back guarantee from Magellan’s for $9.85 per 32 tablet / 50 hour pack.


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