OWLE iPhone Video/Audio Rig Is A Hoot For Superior 3GS Recordings

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OWLE iPhone Video/Audio Rig

If you’re disappointed by your iPhone 3GS’s video capabilities, or simply want to extend its functionality – this clever add-on will have you shooting video and capturing stills like never before. Called the OWLE iPhone Video/Audio Rig, it is an easy-grip anodized aluminum housing for your handset that boasts a 0.45x Wide Angle/Macro combination lens for clearer, more flexible video and stills, a mini-boom mic for better audio, plus a tripod mount for ultra-steady shooting.

Constructed from a solid block of milled aluminum like Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops, the OWLE iPhone Video/Audio Rig includes a silicone iPhone case to ensure a firm grip of your handset, a shoe mount to add a host of different camera accessories (though not a flash, unfortunately) and includes four screw mounts on each corner of the case for easy tripod mounting.

Offering DSLR-like creative flexibility with its standard 37mm lens threading, the OWLE iPhone Video/Audio Rig can be fitted with virtually any 37mm mount lens to help realize your artistic visions and is available now to take your iCinematography to the next level over at ThinkGeek for $129.99.


Comments (4 Responses):

Will the OWLE work with the new iphone 4?

Wesley, I’ve contacted ThinkGeek and I’m afraid the OWLE hasn’t been tested with iPhone 4 as yet, so it’s difficult to say.

Was that an affiliate link?
I just bought it from iGeek using your link 🙂

Much appreciated, Haroun. Hope you enjoy it. It’s a great little add-on.

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