Sound Asleep Pillow Rocks You To Sleep Without Disturbing Others

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Sound Asleep Pillow

If you enjoy drifting off to sleep to your favorite tunes but have a partner who prefers the sounds of silence, you’ll probably understand how uncomfortable headphones are as a compromise. Thankfully, this gadget called the Sound Asleep Pillow will make everyone happy, with a built-in speaker buried deep inside that only you can hear.

Featuring either a comfy hollow fiber or a memory foam interior that’s padded just right so you can’t feel the speaker, the Sound Asleep Pillow can connect to your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, CD player, TV and most radios via its 3.5mm stereo socket and with a long 125cm (49.2″) connector cable – you won’t have to take those devices to bed with you either.

Brilliant for listening to language courses, audiobooks or self-help guides as you sleep – without headphones disturbing your slumber, the Sound Asleep Pillow is also ideal if you suffer from tinnitus or are trying to sleep after a loud concert – helping to drown out that distracting ringing in your ears.

Also useful for traveling to help block out snoring, rustling and other distracting cabin noises, the Original Sound Asleep Pillow is available now from for £17.99 | $29 | €20, while the Memory Foam version is up on pre-order for £29.99 | $49 | €33.



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