Purus Peel-Off Disposable Sticky Mats Trap DIY Dirt, Clean Boots & Paws.

Purus Peel-Off Disposable Sticky Mats

If you enjoy a bit of DIY around the home, but want to protect your carpet and timber floors from the dust and dirt left behind – this clever pad of sticky film mats will trap that debris and reduce the tedious clean-up time. Called the Purus Peel-Off Disposable Sticky Mats, they feature a heavy-weight adhesive that grabs hold of dirt from the soles of boots, the wheels of utility carts or particles from small jobs, and with a pad of 29 disposable layers – makes clean-up as simple as peeling-off and discarding the used sheet.

Great for capturing plaster and masonry dust when drilling holes, the Purus Sticky Mats can also be used on your doorstep – cleaning muddy tradesmen’s boots or your pet’s paws on contact before they enter your home. The Sticky Mats come individually numbered in descending order too, helping you keep an eye on the count at-a-glance.

Made using a low-density polyethylene film of the perfect thickness to grab and embed dust and dirt, the Purus Peel-Off Disposable Sticky Mats measure a large 24″ long x 36″ wide and are available now in the 29 layer pad from Amazon.com for $23.

How does it help?
  • Stops dust and dirt from being carried through your home by foot or paw traffic.
  • Captures debris from DIY jobs such as drilling holes, making clean-up easy.
  • Protects your floors and carpets when carrying out renovations or improvements.
  • Features disposable sheets that make cleaning quick and simple.
  • Includes 29 layers numbered in descending order for easy reference.
Where can I buy it?

Store: Amazon.com
Price: $23

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