Wheeled Flatbed Cart Totes Up To 600 Pounds To Save Your Back

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Wheeled Flatbed Cart

If you do a lot of work around your home such as gardening and DIY, or enjoy heavy-duty hobbies like woodworking or motor repairs – this durable shop and garden accessory will help prevent back pain and strain when hauling around your heavy equipment and materials. Called the Wheeled Flatbed Cart, it is a high-grade, professional-level buggy with a large 600 pound carrying capacity – making light work of carting your weighty tools and supplies.

Supporting even greater weight than the handy Heavy Duty Foldaway Utility Cart we’ve seen previously, the Wheeled Flatbed Cart will carry anything from compost to a car engine, effortlessly wheeling your equipment to where it’s needed.

With a green powder coat paint finish that resists scratches and chemicals and a heavy-duty steel construction, the Wheeled Flatbed Cart measures 36″ long x 18″ wide and is available now from Overstock.com for $98.99.



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