DormVault Laptop Safe Bolts Down Your 17-Inch Notebook & Accessories

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DormVault Laptop Safe

If you hide your laptop when you leave the house like I do, this brilliantly simple gadget will save you the trouble – thwarting both snooping roommates and break-and-enter thieves alike. Called the DormVault Laptop Safe, it conveniently locks down your laptop of up to 17-inches in size as well as accessories such as flash drives or even your wallet – bolting to a heavy piece of furniture for safe-keeping.

Featuring a rugged steel construction designed for use in dorm rooms or apartments, the DormVault Laptop Safe is equally useful in any dwelling not equipped with a giant safe in the wall. It also provides a higher level of protection than laptop security cables that are easily cut off and which don’t prevent access to your files.

Including mounting brackets, multiple-size bolts, (internal) wingnuts and a combination lock, the DormVault Laptop Safe measures 16″ long x 13″ wide x 5″ thick, weighs 9 lbs and is available now from ThinkGeek for $59.99.

How does it help?
  • Secures your laptop and valuables from snooping and theft.
  • Ensures privacy and security when sharing a dorm or apartment.
  • Provides peace of mind when you’re out of the house.
  • Bolts from the inside to a solid piece of furniture to prevent removal.
  • Protects up to a 17-inch laptop as well as cash and other valuables.
Where can I buy it?

Store: ThinkGeek
Price: $59.99

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