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ION PICS 2 SD, PICS 2 PC Photo & Negative Scanners Preserve ALL Your Images

ION PICS 2 SD, PICS 2 PC Photo & Negative Scanners

ION PICS 2 SD, PICS 2 PC Photo & Negative Scanners

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The ION PICS 2 SD and PICS 2 PC Photo And Negative Scanners are 3-in-1 multifunction scanners that capture all your photographic prints, negatives and slides.


If you’re looking to digitize and preserve your old photographic prints, negatives for the photos you’ve lost and that boxful of slides under the bed – you could use the Portable Photograph To Digital Picture Converter plus the Slide And Negative To Digital Picture Converter we’ve seen previously. For a little 3-in-1 magic however, these multifunction marvels called the PICS 2 SD and PICS 2 PC Photo And Negative Scanners will have you scanning all your old 35mm images with the utmost ease and convenience.


Available in two easy-to-use 5.1-megapixel versions, the ION PICS 2 PC is the simpler model – scanning all your images and letting your computer do the gruntwork (including providing power). It sends all your newly digitized memories over USB to your PC or laptop for editing, uploading, burning to CD and storage. Think of the PICS 2 PC as a flatbed scanner specifically designed for photos.


The ION PICS 2 SD throws in all the nice frilly extras and enables you to cut the tether – scanning wherever you like without your computer. Like your digital camera, it saves scans on-the-fly to an SD card via a built-in slot. The SD model includes a 3.2-inch color display for viewing your results and even doubles as a multi-card reader with the option of connecting to your computer over USB – at your convenience.


Both models of the ION Photo and Negative Scanners can capture up to 3600 DPI and feature auto exposure and color balance to make the scanning process push-button easy. They accept traditional 3×5″ plus 4×6″ and 5×7″ prints and can accommodate both 35mm and 110mm negatives. 35mm slides play nice too.


Measuring around 8.7″ (22cm) wide x 6.1″ (15.5cm) high x 7.87″ (20cm) deep, the ION Photo and Negative Scanners are available now from Firebox.com with the PICS 2 PC listed at $184 | £120 | €136 and the portable PICS 2 SD going for $214 | £140 | €158.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Firebox.com
PICS 2 PC: $184 | £120 | €136
PICS 2 SD: $214 | £140 | €158
Buy Now at Firebox.com
Comments (9 Responses):

Hi, I read with interest the review of the ION PICS 2 SD, PICS 2 PC Photo & Negative Scanners Preserve ALL Your Images. It says it takes 110mm negatives, however what about 110mm film that was made into slides?

Hi Nicole, I’ve been in contact with Firebox and they reckon it can scan both 35mm and 110mm slides using the included slide holder. Hope this helps.

This ION scanner is awesome, especially I like the facility to scan negative also in it.

Has anyone purchased this ION and used it? If so how satisfied are you with it? Any problems or disappointments? Is it easy to use / efficient?

I would appreciate anyone who has purchased one to comment.

Got one yesterday…. tomorrow will be returned to the store… bad autofocus (slide is in perfect focus when using a projector) and an issue in which it crops my slides when scanning, I am only left with around 90% of the original shot, the borders do not get scanned..not impressed

Long waited product to scan hundreds of my father’s slides but very disappointed indeed! The resolution is only 96, slide and photo scans is extremely poor; slides are washed out and photos has a green tint and both produce a slight “squashed” final product. My Epson 2480 flatbed scanner does 1000% better job! To control luminance and colour is very pathetic! Returned the product to the shop in Johannesburg after testing it for 6 days.

My parents purchased this to scan 50 years of photos. I was very disappointed – if the pictures aren’t an exact fit (3×5; 4×6, 5×7) they can get stuck and fall into the device. A wooden chopstick has served me well. After scanning hundreds of photos, I found that about 100 didn’t scan; once there was a corrupt file, all the images scanned afterward was not captured on the memory card. Very disappointing. Not sure if I have a dud, or if this is just the most tedious machine invented – when it works, it’s awesome, but I have to do a check after every single scan – otherwise, I will be wasting my time again. Will be returning for sure.

I have Advantix and disk films to scan. Is there a converter?

I purchased one- took it back and third time was refunded. Poor quality product as well as uneven lighting. Most negatives looked over-exposed on the left side. The photos scanned were very dark (easy to fix, although I don’t think you should have to). Not at all impressed.

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