Solid Insulated Thermal 84-Inch Blackout Curtains Block Light, Cold And Noise.

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Solid Insulated Thermal 84-Inch Blackout Curtains

Having just moved into an apartment with large, single-glazed windows – I know first hand how much light, cold and noise they let in. If you too are looking to combat this problem, these dapper drapes seem ideal. Called the Solid Insulated Thermal 84-Inch Blackout Curtains, they feature an innovative fabric construction that has shown in independent laboratory tests to block 99.9-percent of lightfor improved sleep or movie watching. They also insulate your home against heat, cold and noisecutting your energy bills and saving your sanity.

With a luxurious look (inside and out) that will enhance your home decor whilst ensuring greater privacy, the Solid Insulated Thermal 84-Inch Blackout Curtains simply hang from your existing curtain rail or decorative rod and are machine washable – making it easy to keep them dust-free.

Made of 100-percent polyester which is well suited for this application as it doesn’t breathe like natural materials, the Solid Insulated Thermal Blackout Curtains measure a long 84-inches for to-the-floor coverage of most windows or doors and come in two separate panels – each spanning a large 52-inches wide for palatial pleats.

With a large selection of color options including the gorgeous burgundy pictured, plus black, grey, navy, royal blue, sky blue, turquoise, violet, cardinal red, pink, orange, beige, wheat, olive and chocolate, the Solid Insulated Thermal 84-Inch Blackout Curtains are available now – rated 4.7 / 5 from 759 raving reviews – over at for $59.99.

How does it help?
  • Blocks out 99.9% of light – ideal for night workers or movie watchers.
  • Reduces cold or heat from entering your home, saving money on energy bills.
  • Provides greater privacy and insulates against noise from traffic or neighbors.
  • Enhances your home decor with a range of 15 colors.
Where can I buy them?

Price: $59.99

Comments (4 Responses):

I like these curtains.

I was looking for something positively unrelated to this topic but I’m very glad I stumbled upon your blog. I found this post very enlightening. I plan on visting the rest of the website when I finish this message. Thanks

this article was exactly what i have been searching for! found your page bookmarked by a friend of mine. I’ll also bookmark it. thanks!

I wasn’t expecting too much when I ordered these, but they are buttery soft and the quality was great! And wow my bedroom is now pitch black, no light gets through what so ever! Yay for being able to now sleep in past 6am on weekends! 🙂

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