WRITTEN BY Mark Jeldi ON June 7, 2010

Dual Power Saw Plus Precisely Cuts Everything From Melons To Metal

Dual Power Saw Plus

Dual Power Saw Plus

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The Dual Power Saw Plus features two blades that individually rotate in opposite directions, offering unsurpassed precision, power and versatility.

Power saws are usually only for serious slicing, but this innovative cutter called the Dual Power Saw Plus lets you tackle jobs both large or small – cutting virtually any material with precision. Featuring dual counter-rotating technology which involves two blades individually rotating in opposite directions, the saw lessens dangerous kickback while also generating less heat through more efficient cutting. With unsurpassed precision, power and versatility, the Dual Power Saw Plus can cut everything from delicate fruits to solid car bodies and is available now from Taylor Gifts for $159.98.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Taylor Gifts
Price: $159.98
Buy Now at Taylor Gifts

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