WRITTEN BY Mark Jeldi ON June 22, 2010

Fellowes Intellishred Paper Shredder Is 100% Jam Proof, Cuts Staples & CDs.

Fellowes 3227901 Intellishred PS-79Ci Shredder

Fellowes 3227901 Intellishred PS-79Ci Shredder

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The Fellowes Intellishred Paper Shredder is 100% jam proof to prevent annoying downtime and is quiet, yet powerful enough to cut through staples and CDs.

You know how paper shredders jam up when you feed them too much at once? It’s really annoying (especially when you’re in a rush) because you’ve got to stop and clear the jam before you can continue. Well, you don’t have to worry about that with this Fellowes Intellishred paper shredder as it’s 100% jam proof. It works by electronically measuring the thickness of your paper stack as you feed it in, automatically stopping its cutter before frustrating jams occur.

There’s a built-in indicator light that glows red if your stack is a little on the chunky side – so you can quickly remove some excess paper and continue shredding without lengthy interruptions. The Intellished also features SafeSense technology that automatically stops the shredding process when your hand touches the paper opening – so you don’t have to worry about getting a finger caught in its blades which are tough enough to cut through credit cards, staples and even CDs.

Despite being tough as nails, the Fellowes Intellishred virtually eliminates loud shredder noise – so you can destroy private documents any time you like without causing noisy interruptions during phone calls or conversations.

Including a pull out bin for easy, mess-free waste disposal, the Fellowes Intellishred paper shredder is available now at Amazon.com (rated 4.5/5 stars from 142 customer reviews) with FREE shipping for $155.54.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Amazon.com
Price: $155.54
Buy Now at Amazon.com

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