Outcast Trinity Float Tube

Outcast Trinity Float Tube

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The Outcast Trinity Float Tube is a dual-pontoon, inflatable backpack boat with an easy-carry weight of just 8 lbs - letting you set sail on a whim.

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending your hard-earned time off relaxing on the water, yet getting a rigid boat to your favourite fishing spot requires so much effort and planning that you can’t indulge yourself as often as you’d like. Well, thanks to this lightweight sailer I’ve affectionately named The Backpack Boat (aka the Outcast Trinity Float Tube), you can toss pre-planning to the fishes and set sail whenever you feel the urge.

Billed as the ultimate in lightweight float tubes, the Outcast Trinity includes a backpack for easy transportation to secluded lakes and rivers and won’t weigh you down thanks to a lightweight construction weighing a tiny 8 lbs (3.63kg). It also features 5 air chambers that will keep you safely afloat – even if you rupture one on a pesky iceburg.

Including a hand pump, two large pockets and a mesh deck to carry your cargo – sunglasses, sunscreen, angling apparatus…check – the Outcast Trinity Float Tube Dual-Pontoon Boat is available now from the fly fishing aficionados over at RiverBum.com with FREE shipping for $450.00.

Where can I buy it?
Store: RiverBum.com
Price: $450.00
Buy Now at RiverBum.com

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