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English Style Picnic Suitcase Helps You Serve Four With Refinement

23.5 Inch English Style Picnic Suitcase

23.5 Inch English Style Picnic Suitcase

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The English Style Picnic Suitcase is a deluxe picnic basket for elegant get-togethers featuring porcelain plates, hand-blown wine glasses and more.

There’s picnic baskets and there’s picnic baskets. And then there’s the English Style Picnic Suitcase, which will have you donning your decadent hats and heading to the countryside for a tasteful and tasty high tea for yourself and three guests.

Equipped with everything you need for an elegant, traditional, English-style picnic including four eight-inch porcelain plates, four hand-blown eight-ounce wine glasses, four eighteen/ten stainless steel forks, knives and spoons and even a stainless steel cheese knife and cutting board, the English Style Picnic Suitcase is beautifully presented with genuine leather straps and a plush navy corduroy interior.

Also including a corkscrew, a bottle stopper, stainless steel salt and pepper shakers and four napkins, as well as essential modern conveniences such as a wine chiller duffle bag, an insulated zipper-top cooler, a stainless steel vacuum flask, four double-walled stainless steel six-ounce coffee mugs, two food storage containers and an acrylic fleece blanket, the English Style Picnic Suitcase measures twenty-three point five inches long and is available now from Get Organized.*

*(Psst…it’s truly impolite to discuss money in public, but just between you and me, I hear you can procure one for two fifty nine ninety eight).

Where can I buy it?
Store: Get Organized
Price: $259.98
Buy Now at Get Organized

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