Hug Me Pillow

Hug Me Pillow

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The Hug Me Pillow is an arm-shaped snuggling companion complete with a dress-shirt pillow slip designed to provide comfort & peace-of-mind when sleeping alone.

Soft, disembodied boy, sitting on my bed, he is just a toy, but I snuggle close, then everything’s alright, automatic joy, that is why I want a soft disembodied boy. Made of polyester and soft microfiber, he is rugged and long lasting, who could ever ever ask for more? Love without complications galore! A unique shape with support to snooze on, I will never leave my bedroom, I will never cry at night again. Wrap my arms around him and pretend…*

The Hug Me Pillow is a unique snuggling companion for lonely nights when your partner is away or while you’re working on landing a new one. Wearing a soft, machine washable, microfiber dress-shirt as a pillow slip, the Hug Me Pillow is one popular guy – rated 4.7 / 5 stars from 95 customer reviews – and is available now from for $24.99.

*With thanks to the Dolls and the heartfelt and hilarious product page comments.

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Price: $24.99
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Thanks for the link Mark, this is brilliant (the text)! But ludicrous (the product)! If women needed an extra arm, they’d have been given one…..! Susan

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