WRITTEN BY Mark Jeldi ON August 6, 2010

ION CopyCat Portable Scanner Digitizes Up To 30,000 Pages With A Swipe

CopyCat Portable Scanner

CopyCat Portable Scanner

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The ION CopyCat Portable Scanner is a cordless handheld document digitizer that helps preserve up to 30,000 pages of photos, images and text with a swipe.

We took a look at a handy page-swiping digitizer back in December in the form of the Portable Handheld Scanner, but now the digital conversion masters at ION have come up with their own tether-free and battery-powered version called the CopyCat Portable Scanner – which will capture and preserve all the photos and text you can throw at it with a swipe.

Storing up to 30,000 pages on your 32GB Micro SD card (not included), the ION CopyCat Portable Scanner captures color images at an impressive 600dpi and is driver-free – enabling simple drag-and-drop transfers to either PC or Mac.

As an added bonus, PC users can make use of the included OCR (or Optical Character Recognition) software too, which can convert text-based scans into editable text in Word, Excel or on the clipboard.

Offering picture-perfect scans through special real-time distortion compensation technology and running on two included AA batteries for over 200 pages, the ION CopyCat Portable Scanner is available now over at Firebox.com for $127 | £80 | €96.

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Where can I buy it?
Store: Firebox.com
Price: $127 | £80 | €96
Buy Now at Firebox.com
Comments (5 Responses):

Pretty cool, but worth noting that the identical item is also sold as the VuPoint Magic Wand.

Try emailing with a query and there is no response.
Copycat scanner not even mentioned on website.
Not recognised when connected to windows xp usb

Hi Peter, the CopyCat scanner is a fairly new product – which might explain why ION haven’t produced a product page for it as yet. They did issue a press release for it however on August 12th. If you let me know your query in detail, I’d be happy to try and contact them on your behalf.
– Mark.

Hello Mark

Just a quick update and to say thank you for your work in resolving my
problems with the Ion copycat scanner.
I rang Numark and they suggested the scanner was faulty and
this morning I have posted the item to the supplier for replacement.
How do I thank you, a perfect stranger who was willing to help and not only
help but in an efficient and speedy manner.
When you get home tonight please have a beer on me. I wish I could buy you one.

Thank you again and also your contacts for a job well done.


These are from a year ago. Can anyone tell me if the product is actually good? Worth the $$$?

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