WRITTEN BY Mark Jeldi ON August 20, 2010

Misty Mate 3 Personal Air Cooler Reduces Temps By 30 Degrees, Beats The Heat Without Batteries.

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Misty Mate 3 Personal Air Cooler

Buy Now at PerpetualKid.com
The Misty Mate 3 Personal Air Cooler is a handy evaporative cooling system that reduces ambient temperature by up to 30°F with its ultra-fine cooling mist.

Use the Misty Mate 3 to take control of your climate
It pressurizes water without batteries inside it
A few pumps deliver a micro-mist breeze
That cools ambient temperature up to 30 degrees

This handy evaporative cooling system is a great idea for scorching hot, sauna-like days or when you’re out running about or playing sport. Called the Misty Mate 3 Personal Air Cooler, it delivers an ultra-fine cooling mist on command – pressurizing water (in just a few pumps) by hand.

Lowering ambient temperature by as much as 30°F (15°C), the Misty Mate 3 Personal Air Cooler has no batteries to worry about, is small enough to slip into a golf or sports bag (or double as a water bottle for unencumbered jogging) and is available now from Perpetual Kid for $22.99.

Where can I buy it?
Store: PerpetualKid.com
Price: $22.99
Buy Now at PerpetualKid.com

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